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problem gambling awareness week 2018

The goal of National Problem Gambling Awareness Week is to make the warning signs of problem gambling known and raise awareness about help that is available.
HARRISBURG, Pa., March 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The state departments of Health, Revenue and Agriculture – along with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board – are working together during "Problem Gambling Awareness Week," March 4-10, to ensure that Pennsylvanians with gambling.
Is gambling really gambling? If I am going to flip a coin 10 times for you, and it comes up heads the first nine, what would you think it will come up on the 10th flip? Although many people's first thought is tails, the truth is that it is completely.

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National Problem Gambling Awareness Week | Carrier Clinic®

The 2018 Problem Gambling Awareness Calendar is here! Take a look at all of the great content from middle school students throughout Oregon for the 2016 problem gambling awareness calendar art contest. Looking to participate in the 2017 Problem Gambling Awareness Week art search? Click here to learn all you ...
Find out about the 2018 Problem Gambling Awareness Calendar and Middle School Art Search- you can enter online! Prizes for all entries. See 2017 winners.
About Problem Gambling Awareness Month. The U.S. highlights the issue of gambling disorders with National Problem Gambling Awareness Month throughout the month of March. A new Oregon study estimates that over 83,000 Oregon adults (2.6%) have a gambling problem–that's about one in every 37.
Organizations throughout California and the country come together each year during national Problem Gambling Awareness Week to support the goal of promoting awareness, prevention and treatment to those in need and, in California, the Office of Problem Gambling (OPG) hosts a Summit each year. problem gamblers ...

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2013 Problem Gambling Awareness Week

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Problem Gambling Awareness Month › Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling Awareness Week Gambling: Know the risks;

Lottery's games are meant to be enjoyed as entertainment, and we encourage people to play responsibly," said Pennsylvania Lottery Executive Director Todd Rucci.
The Department of Health has approved 70 problem gambling treatment providers across the state that offers counseling services to those in need.
Assistance is also available by calling the department's 24-hour Gambling Addiction hotline at 1-877-565-2112.
The free call is confidential and anonymous.
Individuals can also go to for additional information about problem gambling.
According to the Department of Health, more than 16,000 Pennsylvanians called the gambling help line in 2010 for all forms of gambling including: slots, card games, lottery, horse racing, sports and internet gambling.
Callers were nearly evenly split between male and female, and affected all age groups from teens through seniors.
The Gaming Control Board's Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program has continued to grow problem gambling awareness week 2018 a very effective and proven tool to assist a problem gambler in removing himself or herself from the temptation of gambling at casinos.
With more than 3,400 individuals self-excluded from PA casinos, this program is making a real difference in the lives of gamblers and their families.
Individuals who wish to place themselves on the Self-Exclusion List can obtain the request problem gambling awareness week 2018 instructions by visiting the Gaming Control Board website, and choosing the Compulsive and Problem Gambling link located under the Gaming menu.
The booths will have information and handouts on problem gambling, including 12-step programs, the Self-Exclusion Program and treatment providers.
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