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Yes right now there is a television channel (Game show network) which is to be trusted and they have a promotion called GSN OODLES, sounds gay but hold...
Welcome to Planet MADtv, the largest MADtv discussion forum and information repository on the web!. They also have an online version, in which contestants can play any of's web games, and have a chance on winning $10,000, or Oodles, a currency of GSN that can be returned for Game ...
I signed up and played on their free games for about a year. I collected 70k points. They show you a $100 gift card if you get 68k points. All you have to do is sign up to be a real money player and the gift is yours. NOT SO FAST. I payed .99 cents to sign up and then they converted all my points to $20 in play ...

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Yes right now there is a television channel (Game show network) which is to be trusted and they have a promotion called GSN OODLES, sounds gay but hold...

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UPDATED: Here is the response I received today finally from GSN.
Everyone in gsn oodles discussion house can have their own separate account.
Also, you can't use the same email address for more than one account.
One person may not have more than one account.
If a person has more than one account it's considered fraud and they can lose any winnings or Oodles they accumulate in the Oodles program.
Hopefully, this clears up the issue.
I just received this comment from someone who has had accounts closed when trying to redeem for prizes: Anonymous said.
I signed up and played Dummyville.
On my account, I listed my friends and family some of which live at the same address.
Now, every time any of us try to redeem a prize, they close our account with no warning or explanation.
When I contact them, they claim it is a duplicate account and therefore it has been closed and any prize redeemed, lost.
Some of these accounts have close to 180,000 Oodles another 50 spins saved up.
Lots of work down the drain.
It's just not fair!
Anyone else having this problem?
PS I don't know if you are willing or even want to, but you might make a seperate post for people to notice this.
I'm concerned it could be a problem for many out there and would like to know if I am alone.
Here is what the say: You cannot have more than one Account.
GSN may, at any time, require you to verify your name and address by means of faxing or mailing to GSN a copy of your driver's license, passport or other form of identification approved by GSN, in addition to providing GSN with a signed statement of legitimacy; and GSN may automatically require such verification in the case of multiple accounts from the same address, household, computer or IP address.
Additional or different eligibility criteria may apply to certain opportunities to earn Oodles and other invitations made by the Program Entities or their business partners.
Limit one 1 Account per person.
The Program is provided to individuals only.
Corporations, associations, or other groups may not participate in the Program.
It is fraudulent for any individual, company, club, association or group to use or to direct, encourage, or allow other persons to use a single Account for the purpose of accumulating or aggregating Oodles for combined use, unless such use is expressly permitted by GSN.
I sent GSN an email today to clarify their position.
I used the example of my roommate and me even though he no longer participates.
We'll see what they say.
Anonymous From what I understand, you can have one account per person and no more than 2 per address.
Maybe the person who had the accounts closed had more than two people at the same address??
Please keep us updated!
Anonymous My daughter and I both had accounts and both successfully redeemed items.
But she has since stopped oodling and only I am continuing.
Anonymous An interesting question my son brought up, is it per physical address or IP address?
For example consider college kids living in a common residence but listing home addresses as regular address.
They will all have separate physical addresses but depending on how communications are set up if a common router is used they all could have the same IP address.
Anonymous My daughter and I also both had an account each, and my daughter lost her account.
Just out of the blue and we never got a responce to her email to GSN for why.
Keep us ditch digger on this.
Anonymous Hi, I'm the original poster.
I got this response from them today: We're glad that you're a part of the GSN community.
Upon a recent review we have detected suspicious duplicate account activity.
Please note that only one account per person is allowed per site terms and conditions to which you agreed upon registration and that GSN may restrict site access at our discretion.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Please let us know if you have any further questions or feedback.
If we don't hear back from you, may the fun times continue as you watch, play and win on GSN!
Fun regards, The GSN Help Team Now, here's my problem.
They want a copy of a drivers license or passport.
The account is for someone who is 16 and does not have either.
Besides, I don't really like the idea of giving them all this information.
Also, we have 2 accounts in our family that have over 200,000 Oodles that they can now decide to close whenever they want.
Which will probably be when I redeem points for something big.
I'm not sure what to do now.
Thanks for all your input.
Anonymous The rules CLEARLY state only ONE account per person or address, so why are you whining?
You got caught cheating!!!
I'll take a wild guess here, I would bet that you were one of the people who was always on top of the leaderboards, day after day, week after week and month after month, on one or more of the games too.
Earning source to 15,000 oodles a day.
Either way, I don't feel sorry for you at all.
I've been oodling from the start and take advantage of every opportunity to earn oodles that I can and still am not close to 200,000 oodles.
It's about time GSN started to weed out the obvious cheaters.
And no doing a search for the answers to their questions isn't cheating, but installing programs on your computer so you can run up your score on the games clearly is.
I'm going to chime here.
The Official Rules have obviously changed When?
They never announce the changes.
I don't think anyone on here is likely using any kind of cheat to gain Oodles.
I do think changes that are this major to the rules should be communicated by GSN so there is no confusion.
I personally don't play the leaderboard games because I see the same people at the top and know they have to be using some kind of program to help them.
There's no way I'm going to waste my time on that.
So, that said, let me please remind everyone to keep the comments civil and don't start accusing people of anything if you don't have any kind of proof.
Anonymous Again, I am the original poster.
I would like to reply to the obviously angry poster.
I did make accounts for all my family members to play.
I was not aware of the limit of 2 per household or I would have limited to that.
So, if link is cheating, I did so unknowingly.
I am trying to figure a way to be able to keep 2 per household without them just closing all of my accounts.
The rules say they can since I broke the rules.
As far as being on the top of the leaderboards, I too noticed the same people with not-to-be believed scores and realized that they must have some computer program getting the points for them.
I don't even play because it is pointless due to the cheaters.
Yes, I do agree those people are cheating.
They make me just as angry as you.
Don't you find it interesting that they don't seem to care about those "cheaters".
I do not know why you do not have more Oodles.
I too have been Oodling since the beginning.
I looked up the answers before finding this blog and have friends get my Oodles when I am on vacation.
I earn around 1,000 a day less on weekends and that is how I have over 200,000 Oodles.
Maybe you spent some of yours and forgot?
I don't mean to make anyone mad.
Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone before it happens to you and maybe get some suggestions as to how to handle this.
Anonymous I surely didn't mean to accuse anyone who isn't cheating of doing that.
I do play the leaderboard games.
I spend a lot of time playing trying to place as high as I can and can only place somewhere in the middle of the pack on the games that I play.
The players who are consistently on top are absolutely cheating.
I have complained to GSN about two of these players and they both have now disappeared from the leaderboards.
I can only conclude that GSN has looked at their accounts and found some reason to close their accounts.
The most recent was in the past week, so when a post showed up here complaining about their account being closed, well.
I actually have read the terms and conditions of GSN and have always knew that only one account was allowed per address, physical or IP, so I don't know where all the confusion comes from.
If anyone is interested or cares about the cheaters, complain to GSN, they will put these players under a microscope and and if they are cheating in any way, they will be gone.
Anonymous i can usually get in the top 5 on at least 2-3 different games for leaderboard and i have no special program and i dont know any special tricks.
Anonymous Anyone who has played any of the games knows that it's impossible in the limited amount of time that you are given to get close to the high scores that are being posted, I don't care how much you play, how fast you are or how good you become at them, absolutely impossible without cheating.
I've seen it discussed on-line and what kind of programs they are using.
I'll be honest, I thought about it too, but it was to technical for me and I didn't want to risk downloading something on my computer that I would be sorry for later and risk getting my GSN account closed.
But the lure of an easy Sony in just 6 months.
Anonymous The problem is one account isn't enough for one address, when you have more than one person living there.
You cannot enter the contests and also get good prizes on only one person's account.
If you enter your oodles into sweepstakes, you'll just waste your oodles and never be able to buy things.
If there's only one person with an account, it'll take you an eternity to round up enough oodles to buy something, while entering any kind of sweepstakes with any serious intent to win, by which time GSN will have removed all the good prizes from the site.
So, there has to be one person playing to buy things and another entering contests, if you hope to win anything.
You have to choose - prizes or cash contest entries.
That's where having another person playing with you comes in handy.
That doesn't mean they're the same person.
When I signed up, I read the rules for the program, and there was nothing about any address limits on accounts.
That's why I encouraged my mom to make an account.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have participated that much.
It'd have just been a rare curiosity that I occasionally participated in, because just the sheer thought that no one else would be able to participate would be depressing and stop me from entering, without even getting into the games.
I knew my luck was awful extremely soso alone, I wouldn't have any chance to win anything.
It's stupid to have limits on physical addresses, because chances are family members are going to be living together.
If you have brothers and sisters, college-age students, etc, living in the same house, they deserve to have a chance to participate.
Perhaps you shouldn't have eight or more people using accounts at the same household, maybe, but neither should you limit it to one.
There's also the fact that companies that do these giveaways will often try to worm their way out of giving away anything, through whatever means necessary.
They like the attention the sweepstakes give them, but they don't want to put up the money so much.
There's no way to verify any of these people have actually won, after all, besides the few they put on TV and on Web site photos.
There is a daily giveaway every day, yet we don't know how many people actually win.
GSN doesn't put most of the names on the Web site.
They don't put weekly sweepstakes winners sometimes, or even major winners some of the time.
Right now, the only use for Oodles is to enter them in sweepstakes you don't win, store them up until something arrives some day in about eight monthsor spend them on crap from the GSN store.
And that's what most of it is: crap.
Notice they haven't put up a Gift Card for purchase in a LONG time?
GSN is getting cheap.
Sometimes they reduce the amount of Oodles you can win, and other times like now they increase them, but the prizes have remained steadily mediocre for several months already.
IF GSN is shutting down accounts unfairly for multiple users, they're wronging people in these situations, since THEIR OWN RULES contradict what they're trying to say then.
It's like telling someone to participate in a sweepstakes site because it's free, then telling them they have to pay.
I, my mom and my dad all have accounts on there.
We have different phone numbers and receive messages at different email addresses.
Me and my mom play frequently, although my dad less so, which is why he's only accumulated about 80,000 oodles in the time he's been on there, compared to what he should have had, and hasn't redeemed any points for anything yet.
There's nothing there, after all.
We only got one gift card last year and we never had a chance to get anything else again.
I don't even remember who got the damn thing, whether it was me or my mom.
They took out the gift cards then, so neither of us has had a chance to get anything from the site.
Sorry, Gun iron maiden machine, but sleeping bags and GSN merchandise are not our thing.
Yeah, way to go, GSN.
I just read through the rules again and there are STILL no limits on physical addresses.
It says verification may be required.
That's understandable, that they would want to do that.
They do that even in regular contests where there's only one entry allowed.
I don't even know how you would combine oodles, since you can't donate your oodles to someone else.
Unless they mean family members playing for prizes in the same household, here that goes against the whole point of letting multiple people participate in the first place.
Like I said, usually one person's playing for one thing, and another person's playing for another thing, only GSN hasn't had anything worth purchasing in a very long time.
Should the other person be penalized for the one person spending all their oodles on the craptastic gift?
So, just because GSN suddenly starts shutting down accounts doesn't mean the person is doing anything wrong.
Heidi and Bob and the others are nice people, but they're not the ones running this.
GSN is a corporation, and corporations don't like to give away money unless absolutely necessary; their job is to make a profit.
That may not seem like much, but it's a lot for a corporation like this.
Take into account all the weekly sweepstakes, the big giveaways, the Bingo blitz money, and all the other stuff they give away, again, supposedly, and you have a big chunk of GSN's budget right there.
They don't want to give away that much money, and so it's understandable they would try to find ways to limit unfairly what people can get from them, if the fair limitations aren't enough.
Like I said, me and my mom play frequently.
Between us, we have one lousy gift card.
And it was half a year ago.
We're all different people and can prove it if need be.
I've been called by GSN before and answered on my phone, and if my mom were called, she would answer on her phone.
Anonymous Gsn oodles discussion my take on it, anyway, and you're more than welcome to disagree.
I just think GSN should fruit machine uk game by the rules THEY laid down and not cancel people's accounts if they're valid.
If they're not going to be happy giving the money away, they shouldn't do the giveaways at all.
We'd all have less chances to win, but we also wouldn't be getting scammed with stuff like this.
Anonymous I'm confused - some are saying the CURRENT rules are 1 per address, some say 2 per address, some say unlimited, as source as it's 1 per person.
Anyone know the correct answer??
Anonymous Let me take a crack at this, if I may.
The response the original poster read, in part: "only one account per person is allowed per site terms and conditions".
If you read it carefully, it doesn't say only one account per site, it says one account per person is allowed "per" meaning referencing, NOT "per" as in each terms and conditions.
It's confusing because they use the same word twice in one sentence, but it means a different thing each time.
Or, maybe everyone already knew this and I'm just blowing hot air.
Anyway, we got a similarly threatening message when my wife and I tried to have prizes sent to our one address.
Once we told them that it was two people at one residence, they basically said, "oh, OK, have fun.
Now, requiring a blood sample and photo ID is new, but I think if you just show them you're two people at one address, you'll be fine.
I've opened up Pandora's Box haven't I?
I know there has been confusion as to the number of accounts per person per household.
There have been conflicting comments all around.
In the main body of this post, I copied the section of the Official Rules which states GSN's policy.
There is also a link there to the Official Rules for those who want to read the complete section.
I'm still waiting on a response from them to clarify this issue.
Anonymous Yes, Some people use cheat in games.
It makes total 1800 Points.
If he got 40 points in each round of straw length then also it will make 1920.
Then how come people makes 3000 points in this game.
Anonymous The person whose family has 3 accounts is actually in CLEAR violation of one of the posted rules: "It is fraudulent for any individual, company, club, association or group to use or to direct, encourage, or allow other persons to use a single Account for the purpose of accumulating or aggregating Oodles for combined use, unless such use is expressly permitted by GSN.
To the post about the Straws, while I agree that some of the scores seem unrealistic, your scoring example is way off!.
So a fast clicker can possibly make those scores.
Most of the GSN games benefit the blindingly fast clickers, way faster than I can conceive of, at least with my PC.
I'd like to see GSN create a few trivia or puzzle based games NOT dependent on how fast you can click in 60 seconds.
As far as the original poster; I'm sure there's a way that you could supply some kind of document for the 16 yr old School ID, birth certificate, etc.
Anonymous The old "official rules" said "one account per person, two per household".
They changed the wording to "one account per person".
However, with no specifications on household, this could mean one, two, three, unlimited per household, right?
click to see more really should clarify.
I have also inquired about this and will send a response here if I get one.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I have had difficulty getting responses from them.
Anonymous Sorry for before, everybody.
I didn't mean to disparage GSN, by implying they're trying to cheat the viewers.
I do think it's a good program, if gsn oodles discussion because of the fun people have with it.
However, these things do happen and GSN isn't immune to it, being a corporation.
There's no way to know who's winning and what's being won every day, short of the few they provide us with.
Professional organizations, that might use this for the intent of getting a tidy profit.
Notice that they TELL YOU one household can have multiple accounts.
I don't get where the whole two household thing is coming from.
I guess the rules changed before I signed up.
And notice what they say next: SINGLE account, such as one account, three people.
Not three accounts, for three different people, even if one isn't very active in the first place.
Although to get technical, none of them are.
They do say individual, but they SPECIFICALLY emphasize a single account.
The only thing I can guess from your constructed argument is that you believe relatives are automatically cooperating to win things, even if they're not entering the same things, and so we should all have our accounts forfeited, with only one being allowed per household.
I suppose you would prefer it if we all lived at different addresses.
But we would STILL have three separate accounts and we would STILL be related!
Only one person is allowed to participate, so that you don't have more people than necessary competing against you?
No offense, but I really want to drop a certain foul word over your holier-than-though attitude about a stupid game.
But I respect Rowdydog's rules too much, so I won't do it.
This program is for people to win stuff, not for people to fight about who's entitled to win stuff even though everyone is following the rules.
I've worked hard to win those oodles in my account my ownI don't cheat in the games, I've never bought thousands of entries into the contests.
My mom and dad haven't bought anything on their accounts in forever, since there's nothing there.
Why don't you list the prizes you've won in the program?
Then we'll determine if you're cheating, and inform GSN so they can come to your house and confiscate your prizes.
If you've won a TV or a cash prize, we'll definitely know you're cheating.
Tell you what, why don't we all drop the anonymous covers and let everybody have a look at who we're really are?
GSN can look at our accounts and they can make the final decision.
Do you have any sisters or friends or others who know you play oodles and have formed their own accounts?
If so, you're cheating, sorry to tell you.
Don't you dare tell me there's even ONE person you know other then yourself who plays oodles, and then call me and my relatives scum because we're trying to win at a couple measly little contests.
It's not a murder trial, it's not a serious matter of life-or-death.
Do you play the lottery?
Do you think it's cheating if two people in a household play two numbers, each one with their own different number?
How is this any different?
Anonymous Continued from above I suppose the guy above with his wife was cheating?
I suppose Rowdydog was cheating when his roommate was also playing?
Why do I get the feeling half the population of the continental United States is cheating, according to your view?
Here's my take on it, if you ask me: GSN is afraid a single account will change information frequently, thereby changing hands frequently, and so several people will play on it, thereby amassing a sum of oodles that would not be possible if only one person was playing.
My guess is special use would be allowed if a person was disabled, and another thought jeux casino gratuit machine sous something had to operate the account for them to participate.
If you're nearly blind, or you're partially paralyzed, and so you have to rely on someone else handle your account for you.
Then it would be a special circumstance.
My guess is many of those senior citizens they call have someone else handling their entries on a computer, if they enter at all.
I'm honestly starting to think the whole Oodles thing is a waste of time.
GSN is never going to put any more worthwhile prizes, the contests are not worth your time, and so it doesn't matter how many accounts your household has, you're never going to see any rewards for your efforts!
So yeah, it's not a big deal for me.
I don't care if my account gets shut down, to be honest.
I don't care if I lose all my oodles.
This was just an attempt to clarify their rules, so that we knew exactly what we're dealing with.
And what do I get in return?
Yeah, way to take an ultra threat out of the game, GSN!
Neither are my parents.
And considering this guy gives off a very suspicious vibe, forgive me if I feel the urge to be a little nasty with him.
After all, the ones who protest the loudest are often the ones who want to see others go down, so they can reap all the rewards.
I was just attempting to shed some clarity on the situation, and what I've seen in other contests where they machine prize suche end up cheating people.
This guy made it personal, which leads me to believe he or she is one of the ones who's definitely cheating the game.
You get what you throw out there.
He didn't have to take that tone.
He could have gsn oodles discussion, in a nice, more info statement, "Well, GSN said this and this in the rules, so I believe it may be illegal.
Not coddling, just civil.
Instead he chose to go for a cutthroat accusation, which leads me to believe either he's a self-righteous jerk, or else, something about this discussion struck a little too closely.
And the way they used all caps.
Rowdydog, this post may be a little intense, but I would appreciate it if you let it through with the acknowledgment that we that person and myself don't know each other and can never truly be sure if the other is cheating or not.
All we can do is give our word.
Anonymous continued, part 3 No offense, Rowdydog, but what's your take on it?
You cannot agree with what this guy is saying, because he's basically trying to spin GSN's rules into something they're not.
If GSN had a problem with a family entering through separate accounts, they would tell us.
They haven't, which leads me to believe their new rule change applies to everyone and their subsequent accounts bans are either gsn oodles discussion to confusion, or just attempts to cheat some people out of their winnings.
Like I said, we don't know which individuals are in charge of these things.
On the other hand, the husband who commented above about he and his wife's account gives hope that perhaps it is a simple matter of confusion.
And if the other guy really isn't cheating, then I take that all back.
I'll offer my apology and everything, and seriously mean it, but only if they acknowledge that they don't know me or my relatives either.
I'm not going to be insulted while the guy makes himself look like an angel, and let that go as if nothing happened.
Isn't the GSN viewership supposed to be a community?
The only reason I even got intense for a while there is because the post merited a serious response.
The issue does not give someone the right to come out of the blue and accuse someone of cheating, when there was nothing personal at all in my first post.
Especially given that I just listed what is probably the most pitiful win record in all of GSN.
I was really prepared to have my dad cancel his account, if GSN only allowed two accounts per household.
So for anyone who thinks we're trying to game the system, er, no.
If GSN asks us to, we would gladly cancel one account, or two, and leave only one.
Or at least I would, but I'm pretty sure my mom and dad feel the same.
And to be honest, we've won more on the lottery than playing oodles, which says something considering how much the odds are against you there.
In fact, I'm still visit web page about writing GSN and asking how many accounts we're allowed to have, but considering people are having difficulty reaching, I'm not sure if it's even worth it.
If anyone does get a response, please be sure to post it here.
But like I said, those rules weren't in place when I signed up and they still haven't resurfaced.
I read all those rules when I sign up for these kinds of sites, so I would KNOW if it said "one household".
It didn't, and it still doesn't.
I came into oodles late, so for those who read the rules originally, I can understand how people are having different experiences.
Hell, I may just have my account canceled anyways, because I'm getting tired of accumulating points that I can never use.
In which case, this whole argument will be for nothing.
There are just some things that really set me off.
Someone accusing me of cheating is one of them.
I know, it's irrational, considering nobody here knows each other and everybody's suspect.
It's also very easy to take shots at someone online, disregarding any effort to be civil.
That's the Internet for you.
Still, I wish we were free to ask questions about stuff like this without someone chewing us out like some patriotic avenger with a shield.
I should have just kept my mouth shut, but oh well.
Lesson learned for next time.
Believe me, I won't ever involve myself in a subject like this again.
Anthony, I think it may just be some confusion on the part of the players.
GSN tends to change their rules every other week and not relay that information to the rest of the world.
I think from the reading I made, they only account one person an account, but they have removed the restriction on how many per household.
I doubt that the people who's families have accounts and live at the same address are really cheating.
I know when my roommate played, we both played for different items.
I can't say, I've won much either.
Since I started in Sept.
My roommate redeemed his Oodles for a couple of books.
They haven't had anything recently that I really want.
I appreciate the comments on this subject and I'm glad it has had some spirited discussion.
I also appreciate keeping it civil.
After all, we're all mature adults here.
If you had the intelligence to READ my post with emphasis on the caps, by the way you would have fathomed that I also HATE the leaderboard games, and would rather have other oodletunities such as the 10 point trivia questions they did away with on the leaderboard games.
Secondly, YOU ARE in violation of multiple rules, as I stated here the previous post, if indeed you are using the strategy you outlined for using 1 person's account to accrue oodles for a big prize and another to use them to enter sweepstakes.
I notice you omitted the word that I also typed verbatim from the rules which was "GROUP".
Websters Dictionary defines a group as two or more people.
So explain how you were not acting in concert as a group if you were using the strategy YOU posted above.
Also, per the 16 year old player, although they are allowed to play for oodles, the webform that you fill out for TV entry SPECIFICALLY says "I am at least 18 years old and agree to the Official Rules.
But I too have missed out on opportunities to cash in the oodles, and seen inflation render them half link unless I enter a sweepstakes, which I feel is a fool's bet.
Being a few weeks behind everyone else, I missed out on the inexpensive early merchandise, JUST missing out on the original 37,000 oodle Sony camera, learn more here seeing EVERYTHING get scarfed up as all the high-end prizes got taken.
Then while the majority of the prizes WERE gift cards, I was able to claim a couple Walmarts before they started being sold out for good.
After christmas the camera came back, this time for an inflated 87,500 oodles.
Then the 90,000 Keurig, not my first choice of prizes SOLD OUT 1 day before I could afford it!
I don't HAVE a problem with you, except for your not wanting to follow the rules by verifying your identities to GSN.
If you read my post, I even suggested a way to help your situation for the 16 year old, such as a school ID, so YOU DON'T lose your hard earned oodles, as long as you have earned them fairly.
The way you attacked my post, maybe you have a guilty concience.
Finally, I don't own a Wordpress or Google account, etc.
I will try again.
Rowdy, I have no problem NOT being anonymous, so maybe you can let the site either pass my real name, screen name or both.
And the original poster can feel free to contact me at my GSN message address if my profile name passes through.
The people who are abusing the spirit of the rules are and will ruin the program for everyone.
That's why the rules need to be spelled out to the nth degree.
That's why I will continue to bombard GSN with complaints about every person who I think is cheating and hope that GSN takes a good long look at their accounts and if at all possible close them and ban them from ever playing the games again.
What do you think the rest of us are doing?
The same thing, playing and saving.
Except the rest of are doing it with ONLY 1 account per household not 2 or 3 or 4 or however many you really have.
So Mommy and Daddy have accounts, who's to say that you aren't playing under their accounts?
Cashing in for yourself.
Maybe you are, or maybe you aren't, who knows, and THAT'S THE PROBLEM, no one does.
That's why the 1 account per address.
I think that GSN should change the rules so you MUST be a legal ADULT to play.
It would solve many of the problems.
Children think that the world owes they everything.
It doesn't work that way in the real world.
Life's not fair, get a helmet.
We both should be able to play for oodles.
I feel as long as you can gsn oodles discussion proof upon request that each person is who they say they are and proof you live at the address GSN has, you should be allowed to play.
There are large families that do live together.
Especially, with the economy.
I know of many that have had to move back in with their family.
So, I stopped trying.
You will always find someone who cheats the system.
Hopefully, GSN doesn't stop their program.
GSN likes to remind people that it's free as they frequently remind me when they do respond to my emails.
I do appreciate this site--------THANK YOU ROWDYDOG!!!!!!!
Happy Oodling to everyone.
Anonymous To quickly beat a semi-dead horse: A few years ago, one or more of the most popular internet poker sites Pokerstars and Absolute Poker, I believe uncovered a situation where one 'insider' player had multiple accounts and, to make a long story short, had some MAJOR tournament and other winnings forfeited.
GSN doesn't want to get involved in any hairy situations such as this; the legal ramifications could be devastating.
Good luck to all who have been dutifully saving for that big shiny prize that may someday magically appear.
Let's all say it together: "Double pits to chesty!
I'm going to close down the comments for this post.
Thanks to all of you for your comments.
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Also, some readers get half the questions from one day and half from another listed.



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