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The Classic Supply Chain Game. This game provides an interactive and enjoyable way to learn about a classic supply chain problem: The Forrester or bullwhip effect that is typical for the dynamic behavior of multi-tier supply chains. Try your skills in managing the simple, four-step supply chain for beer and minimize the ...Missing:
Free Board Game Version for Companies and Universities. Download all required components from this site. If you are interested in having a one-day beer distribution game session hosted at your company, feel free to contact us. Supply Chain Management is especially important in Power Electronics due ...
The modelers created agents for each of the major players in the supply chain and gave them behaviors based on the well known "Beer Distribution Game". Goods were going from. with its ease of use. Watch Hans Ehm from Infineon presenting this project at the AnyLogic Conference 2012 or download his presentation:.

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The Beer Game - MIT Technology Review

The Beer Game App. Learn supply-chain principles through a visual simulation. Start a new game. Join an existing game. 100% Free Host as many sessions as you want. No sign-up. Simply choose a party name and you're good to go. What is the beer game ? In this game you play as an actor of the distribution network of a ...
The beergame frontend has been programmed in flash to provide an interactive game experience. During play, the instructor is able to see the progression of the beergame in real-time (e.g. the bullwhip effect building up). Also, more than one supply chain can be administered at the same time. Since the software supports ...
This Excel file contains the four different playsheets for the players in the supply chain. Hand out the file (using a usb stick) to the beergame groups and ask them to fill in the respective tabel for their group (e.g. retailer etc.). All cells in the spread sheets have been locked except for the ones that are to be filled in by the ...
beer game free download. Supply Chain Competition Game A modification of the well-known beer distribution game for teaching supply chain management....

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Supply Chain Management: The Beer Game

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Beer Distribution Game on the App Store

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Players manage a supply chain of beer brewery, namely the retailer, wholesaler, distributor and factory.
Only the retailer knows the customer demand and this is determined by randomly flipping up cards.
The lack of communication through the supply chain and fluctuation in demand creates a bullwhip effect amongst the players, until they figure out how to maintain good inventory levels using some form of kanban.
Because of it's age and popularity there are plenty of free resources available and it has spawned off several software versions that you can download or play online for free at the.
You can find all kinds of information for running your own game.
As well, there's a good slide presentation you can use.
All this seems a little overly beer game simulation software download for what I'm looking for.
My preference generally is for simpler games to show lean concepts.
The online version might be worth a look, though.
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